Yea...sleeping in space doesn't look quite like that now...and may not for a while. But what does it look like? And how good to people sleep in space? Turns looks goofy...and people don't sleep well up there. Lets check out what is happening with Kendra, and learn more.

Blood is pretty standard down here. It moves from inside to outside if your skin is opened up. Once outside it tends to pool on the ground. But what happens if you bleed in orbit? Lets see what happens when Zach decides to be clumsy (or have something go wrong).

So Doctor Who isn't exactly the best example of a space least not the kind we are going to need here in the next hundred years. We will need a way to have a doctor with us wherever we go though...but how can we do that if there are small groups of humans spread across hundreds of stations and millions of miles apart? It isn't exactly feasible to have every 50th person be a doctor. Lets look at a couple solutions to this problem that are rooted in technology available today.

How long will we be building space systems that are (a) way bigger than they need to be and (b) completely customized for a single purpose? For comparison, we are still operating on the mainframe computer model, where computers 'had' to be the size of rooms. That didn't last for computers, and it is just a matter of time before we transition to the desktop computer model of being able to just plug and play with dozens of different modules. One company is working on just that future...lets see what Deb is doing before we get there though.

So there is an easy answer for this on Earth now that us fancy monkeys have figured out that it is efficient to make zones for time. But that system makes basically no sense once we are on the moon, in orbit, on an asteroid, or on Mars. How the 'f' do we figure out what time zone Jupiter is in? Well...good news for you...there isn't any good news...unless we have some sort of human-universal time, we are basically going back to the time when every town set their own clock.

What happens when more people have the opportunity to immigrate to space? What does it look like when oppressed communities once again have a new world to escape to? Will ...

Before we go further lets just agree that we are just monkeys who like putting fancy things on our bodies to make other monkeys think we are cool. Space may be 'hard' now...but even the Wild West had fashion shows (and plenty of booze). So it is only a matter of time before we bring both to space.

Today we are going to be looking at Josh as he leads his rag-tag protest movement on the Moon. You may think this a silly topic, but we are going to have to wrestle with how we deal with these new environments we are entering. And there are no easy answers.

Remember the first time found out you could 3D print something that you previously thought had to be made by hand? For me it was finding out you could 3D print models was an emotional moment because as a child I spend hundreds of hours on that....oh well that taught me patience. But what if we could print larger ships? Lets check out how that might work, and the companies making it a reality.

Alright - today we get to have some fun. Lets journey far out into the future...and our solar system to check in on Lord Cornwall. Along the way we will explore the difficulties with military communications, and why transit hubs are a kind of big deal.

We don’t usually think about the Coast Guard whenever we take a cruise, or get on a boat, but their infrastructure ensures that no matter where in the US we ...

There is a lot of talk about the dangers of space travel, the risks of radiation causing sterility, DNA damage or other maladies. But much less is discussed about what happens when space travelers return to Earth after being away. Here we will check in on Tyler after his return from a six month mining trip, and see just what revenge humanity's birthplace is exacting on him.

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For most of us being stuck inside for an extended period of time is a choice. Some prefer it, some don't. But for virtually all of us, at some point we need to see the sky, experience other humans, and socialize. Without those we feel the sensation of 'cabin fever'. These are not things we can count on experiencing once we venture out into space. For starters - the sky may just be the endless black of space.

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Lets follow the irritation Nicole Stenson feels as she realizes travel in space is less cruise ship, and more subway. It certainly is a far cry from travel by car or air where direction and speed changes are virtually on-demand.

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An orbital scale elevator isn't just possible - it would be the most important step to solidifying humanity's place as a space-faring species.

As space becomes increasingly democratized, the stability of our current rule-based international system becomes increasingly perilous. At some point countries, (and almost certainly companies) will find it cheaper to pay private security companies to secure their orbital installations rather than field their own space 'forces'. What happens then?

Spacewalks have long been a source of frustration for astronauts because of cumbersome suits, short air supply, and the fact that you have roughly the same ability to perform manual labor as a small infant due to the lack of leverage. In an environment like this - even just putting up a new curtain rod would be a significant emotional event, not to mention doing something that requires you to do more detailed work like wiring.

"Peaceful use of space" That has always been a pipe dream, talked about by politicians, and a fiction of academics. The first use of space has always been to achieve military dominance...or at least parity with, ones enemies. Absent a significant shift in geopolitics between now and the end of the 21st century, the story described here is extremely likely.

—- Begin transmission —  June 4, 2059 From: Isabella To: Christof and Aische    Connecting…..   Network Connection established….   Speed: 19mbs   Latency: 9s   Backup routing available…..   ...

The view…that really was worth every penny they had paid for it, Kelsey thought as she looked out of the small window in her new home. Although, she thought, the ...