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Whenever someone says it is difficult to get to Mars remind them that it is not at all. It is the landing that gets tricky. Find out why here

In a previous post we talked about small-ish space weapons. Here lets look at the big boys. The ship mounted cool ones that involve all sorts of alien tech...or are just giant laser pointers...

All science fiction tells us is that there are going to be some sweet lasers in space. Hand lasers, lasers on trucks, lasers on ships…lasers for everyone. Until we get ...

The ESA (European Space Agency) is exploring building moon bases using geopolymer concrete. That sounds pretty smart and really exotic. Let me rephrase that sentence. ESA is exploring building a hovel on the moon using recycled astronaut pee and moon dust. Still smart and exotic? Yea - it is pretty cool, a tad gross, but cool. Lets find out more about how that would work.

As NASA and SpaceX prepare to fly astronauts to the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center, a unit of the U.S. Space Force will be on alert should anything go wrong. But instead of being prepared to rescue astronauts while they are in space, this unit is focused on terrestrial rescue. This raises the question. How will Space Force or another country’s military rescue astronauts when something goes wrong in orbit? Let’s find out.

Several days ago Reuters reported that the US was preparing to negotiate a treaty governing the moon called the Artemis Accords. This treaty would allow for the mining of the moon. Lets check out more about what that might look like.

A human landing on the moon in four years seems like a tall order now. But traveling to orbit for less than the price of a transcontinental flight is about to be a reality.

You a coffee drinker? Know anyone who is? Well for the first 60 years people were shoving themselves into space they were stuck with instant coffee. Why did it take so long to get real coffee into space?

Getting to Mars is a long trip, and right now most of our plans to get there involve one way rockets. What if there was an easier way? Buzz Aldrin proposed a better way that would allow us to ride to Mars in style, for a fraction of the cost of one way rockets. Lets check out Ben as he rides the first of these 'cyclers'.

Think cruise ships cultivate viruses well? Well what if everyone was on the same air and water system and there was literally no fresh air? Wouldn't that be worse? Lets see what the great pandemic of 2079 looks like...

Who owns the moon? Silly question perhaps, but we have laws on Earth to govern zones at sea where countries have exclusive development rights. What about space? Is it good that we don't have those laws in space? Maybe, maybe not. Lets look more at this.

Lunar is this going to work? I hate to break this to you all but there is a decided lack of traditional building materials there. I mean we could always use the lunar soil to create moonrete as a replacement for concrete. But there is an easier way...and one that will almost certainly be safer than trying to build moon shelters. Lets see what Josh is up to in one of these newfangled lunar homes.

What is more fun than going on a nice vacation and losing all your money? Doing that in space! People have been going to Vegas for decades just for the thrill of pretending they can win. And for centuries before that people have been gambling away their what better way to usher in the Space Age than to ensure it includes casinos.

It has been quite a while since the Wild West days where everyone was their own law, and where enforcement was at the point of a gun. Asteroid mining is one place where that life could come back absent some sort of structure to enforce claims, and the law. Lets look at that

Turns out there is a surprising lack of information on the possible evolutionary trajectories of humanity once we leave earth. I know, how could anthropologists, evolutionary biologists and others neglect this. But one researcher has some theories, and while they appear sound, they aren't great news for the unity of the human race.

Let's face it the concept of space-sex is pretty hot. Plus, when we humans eventually strike out to create colonies on other planets , we're going to need to procreate maybe even on the way there. But just how complicated will it be to put said bun in the oven while we're on our way to another planet?

So - you have decided to take the plunge and finally go on that space vacation your kids have been nagging you to go on. But who is going to watch your six cats? And what about the fish? Well maybe just bring them along - why not? Lets see if there are reasons to not.

Have you ever had a cocktail? I know I know silly question. But have you ever paid attention to how they are made? Do you think that would work if there was no gravity? Hint...the answer is then...what are we supposed to do up in space if we (a) aren't sober, (b) don't like just straight liquor? Well, let's see a promising solution.

If you are a normal human you have the ability to cook your food. You may not have much food to cook, but you do have at least a rudimentary ability to prepare and eat food. What about in space? How do our current space peeps cook? How are we going to cook once we head out into the black? Lets explore a possible future.

If you are more than a year out of your college days the thought of being upside down while drinking your bodyweight in beer isn't cool anymore. But if you even a little into socializing you understand that alcohol is an important tool for our monkey minds as we seek the company of others. Can we still do that in space? Do astronauts drink now? Lets see what Tony is up to, and learn more.

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